TTIP Game Over 2 : Corporate Lobbyists and the European Commission

Round 2 of TTIP Game Over – 3-4-5 November – saw more than 500 people come to Brussels to take part in over 50 actions against the main actors negotiating free trade deals in the shadows, namely corporate lobbyists, governments and the European Commission.

Even before the round began, the collective CETA Hang Over, responding to TTIP Game Over’s call, carried out numerous actions to make the signature of the EU-Canada free trade deal, CETA, as difficult as possible – including storming the European Council!

To see all the actions that took place during the week, click here.

Thank you to everyone who came to Brussels to take part, as well as all of those who followed from afar and spread the word.

The fight against CETA and TTIP is by no means finished, and many of the groups who organised actions as part of TTIP Game Over are keen to keep going. The platform TTIP Game Over isn’t just against TTIP and CETA, but all free trade deals, so expect to hear from us soon about what’s next in the fight against neoliberal free trade deals and their world.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

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